Fusion Dressing Style

Fusion Dressing Style

Singapore is a true cosmopolitan city with people from all over the globe. The best part about Singapore is the collage of cultures here — predominantly Chinese, Malay and Indian, with a smattering of Eurasians. It influence the way we think, and live. You will see it in our languages, our attitudes, the foods we eat, and of course, the clothes we wear.

Fusion Dressing Style Fusion Dressing Stylefusion 4

I draw inspiration from this multi-cultural, multi-ethnic city-state of mine. My designs are a natural expression of this cultural melange. The fusion dressing that I specialize in at Stylemart is my signature style. Women out there, be a part of this cultural experience This is your chance to have fun and explore. Try a cheongsam with Indian threads or ethnic embroidery on a kebaya. Try a saree that is ready to wear with Chinese motifs Experiment with cross cultural dressing.

Fusion is what Singapore is all about, and fusion dressing is our unique Singaporean identity. My advise, go beyond boundaries of dressing as the norm, create your own fashion style. Let’s show the world the fusion way!