Navy is the New Black

The color palette for this season has had a drastic change, navy is the new black!

New is Black - Karishmaa and MonicaNavy is Black - Sougat PaulNavy is Black - Shantanu and NikhilBlack - Shantanu and Nikhil









I was at the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai a few days ago. Almost every designer at the event had navy blue in their collection; it looks like navy has now become the new black. It is a must-have in your wardrobe of ethnic wear, whether it is a plain single color dress or mixed with reds and and other colors. Navy is now a popular color on the runways in other Indian fashion events as well, and is replacing the blacks. I guess people have grown tired of black and already have one too many of those black dresses.

Navy is Black - Kate Middleton

You can’t go wrong with the navy blue. The navy blue is said to be as forgiving as the black, and is less harsh. It also adds a certain air of sophistication — quite regal, actually. Kate Middleton wore navy on her engagement announcement, and more brides are now requesting for their wedding outfits to be made in navy blue. The color has a more opulent look. I would say woman of style today would opt for a navy blue rather than black.