Sculpted Jewelry as Accessories

Sculpted Accessories 3

In a previous post, I highlighted the importance of accessories, and the role it plays in making a style statement. Personally, I am a big fan of jewelry. In fact, in my formative years in the fashion industry, I started from the jewelry department. I had a free hand in merchandizing the stock for the store and clients loved the stuff I brought in. I guess it was because as a fashion savvy teenager, I had fun with accessories. Now, years later I’m inspired again.

Sculpted Accessories 2

Now my jewelry department at Stylemart will have a new life as I focus on sculped pieces of art that are worn as accessories. Be warned, they are a bold statement; they are not for the faint of heart who want to play safe with fashion. The sculpted pieces of art are reserved for those who dare, and are willing to step out of boundaries of fashion. Look out for the latest collection of jewelry, which will be launched at my next fashion show on the 14th of September at Fairmont Hotel, Singapore — brought to you direct from the runways of the Lakme Fashion Week.

Sculpted Jewelry