Stylemart Fashion Show 2014 – Kali

Stylemart Fashion Show 2014 featured a beautiful collection in black. This collection is dedicated to the Goddess Kali. My designs in this segment use black as the predominant color, with gold, silver, beiges and greys embellishing and complementing it.

You can expect long straight cut suits that are making a big come back this season. You can combine the straight cut suits with a churidar, wide-leg trousers, or even a flared skirt or lacha, giving you a multitude of combinations to choose from depending on your personal preference.

For a fashionista that is always looking for new twists, these saree-inspired gowns are sure to be a big hit this season.

The most mystical of all our goddesses, Kali represents all things fundamental in our existence. In her eyes, we see the black beauty that existed before light came to be, and shines through in the eyes of every woman. She represents the feminine form of Time, and existed before time. She represents fire, and the life force. With her many hands and formidable posture standing over a vanquished male form of evil, she represents femininity at its fiercest. She lives beyond our understanding of good and evil, space and time. She is the pure primordial force. Here’s to eternity and beauty beyond words.