Stylemart Fashion Show 2014 – Kwan Yin

My last fashion show was a grand affair. Stylemart Fashion Show 2014 featured collections inspired by the Goddesses of our mythos from all over the globe. I believe the goddesses represent our qualities. Here is a short video of one of the segments.

Strength and compassion are our finer qualities as women. Personifying these qualities, the Chinese Goddess Kwan Yin is an inspiration for me. She showers compassion over the world. She is flexible and adaptable.

In my collection for this segment, I chose a palette soft water colors of aquas and ice blues mixed with pastel pinks and soft lemon yellows. I incorporated oriental motifs in the embroideries using applique and thread work. To highlight the Chinese culture that forms the backdrop of Kwan Yin, I splashed a bit of red representing hope and prosperity.

Such fusion of cultures is a natural outcome of our life in this multi-cultural, multi-racial melting pot that is Singapore. I love this fusion work that is uniquely Singaporean, and it has become my signature style. Fusion style lends versatility to the outfits — you can wear it more occasions. People appreciate the uniqueness your dressing represents.

This segment opened with the following video that explained the inspiration, and formed the backdrop for the catwalk. Enjoy!

Pouring compassion over the world is Kwan Yin, the goddess of mercy, compassion and sacrifice. Like water that she holds in her hand, Kwan Yin personifies purity, strength and the essential element of life. Like a willow, she is adaptable but strong, willing to bend, but not break. She embodies the spirit of forgiveness, and her presence can make flowers bloom even in hell, and compassion grow even in the hardest of hearts. Every woman is like Kuan Yin. We may not have a thousand eyes or a thousand arms, but our compassions transform us into a Kuan Yin. With our compassion, we bring peace and tranquility to this troubled world.