Suneet Verma

I have always been a fan of Suneet Verma’s work. The showcase at Lakme Fashion Week 2015 was a tapestry of various techniques of Indian embroidery.

Sumeet Verma at Lakme Fashion Week 2105

However, the use of mirror work with thread is nothing new to the scene. Mirror work was already introduced and the trend has trickled down to the mass manufactures. So this was a bit of a look that has been seen and done. But being being a fan of Suneet Verma, I’m a bit biased and I’m willing to overlook this.

Sumeet Verma's collection

Suneet Verma’s lineup seemed to take us through a kaleidoscope of time with old English charm of Victorian inspired motifs artfully combined with traditional Indian mirror work.

Sumeet Verma's collection

Sumeet Verma's collection

Although this fad of mirror work has never been my favourite, the collection by Suneet was not like no other.