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Stylemart Fashion Show 2014 – Gaia

Fashion Show 2014

The inspiration for the first segment of my Stylemart Fashion Show 2014 comes from nature, and I call it Gaia. Nature is down-to-earth in her simplicity, but intricate in her beauty. So is this collection with its exquisite and intricate thread (ghara) embroidery. It features different techniques from various regions of India, from Parsy to Kashmiri, mixed with matte gold and bronze sequences giving it the aura of agelessness as well as the oomph factor. It is hard to overstate the exclusivity of this collection. The techniques used in the outfits are painstaking and time-consuming. There...[Read more]

Stylemart Fashion Show 2014 – Kali


Stylemart Fashion Show 2014 featured a beautiful collection in black. This collection is dedicated to the Goddess Kali. My designs in this segment use black as the predominant color, with gold, silver, beiges and greys embellishing and complementing it. You can expect long straight cut suits that are making a big come back this season. You can combine the straight cut suits with a churidar, wide-leg trousers, or even a flared skirt or lacha, giving you a multitude of combinations to choose from depending on your personal preference. For a fashionista that is always looking for new twists,...[Read more]

Stylemart Fashion Show 2014 – Kwan Yin

The Chinese Goddess Kwan Yin

My last fashion show was a grand affair. Stylemart Fashion Show 2014 featured collections inspired by the Goddesses of our mythos from all over the globe. I believe the goddesses represent our qualities. Here is a short video of one of the segments. Strength and compassion are our finer qualities as women. Personifying these qualities, the Chinese Goddess Kwan Yin is an inspiration for me. She showers compassion over the world. She is flexible and adaptable. In my collection for this segment, I chose a palette soft water colors of aquas and ice blues mixed with pastel pinks and soft lemon...[Read more]

About Kavita


I am Kavita Thulasidas, the managing director and lead designer of the prestigious fashion boutique Stylemart in Singapore. Known as the Trendsetters of Indian Fashion in Singapore, my shop showcases an eclectic collection of fusion themes, combining the exquisite threads and weaves of India with the impeccable cuts and flows of China and Indochina. My long list of loyal clients include leading politicians, diplomats and royalty — seriously, princesses and queens from southeast Asia and the Middle-east. In this new blog, I want to share with you my take on the latest fashion trends, and my...[Read more]